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  • "This book represents the first overall investigative research into the field of measuring and managing market risk in transition countries. Due to its comprehensiveness, systematization and empirical background, the book is an essential resource in exploring the specifics of financial risks in developing markets."
  • (Full prof. I. Ribnikar, Faculty of Economics Ljubljana)

  • "From his rich experience in academic research and practical application the author brings us the latest achievements from the world of risk management. The author analyses in the detail the practical advantages and disadvantages of risk measurement models. Besides critiques, the author provides many solutions to successful implementation of risk measurement models in transition markets."
  • ( M. Pečarić, Faculty of Economics Split)

  • "The book “Market Risk in Transition countries - Value at Risk Approach” provides an extensive treatment of the state of the art in market risk measurement. Financial professionals in both the front and back office require an understanding of market risk and ways of managing it. This book is filled with clear and accessible explanations of complex issues that arise in risk measuring - ranging from parametric to fully nonparametric risk estimation."
  • ( B. Aktan, Yasar University)